Gift Certificates are available by USPS or PICK UP.  Please email mtbcpdx@gmail,com or text #415-271-0267

Here is the process: 

Choose a Session 60 minute session - $110

                               75 minute session - $135

                               Fusion Session - $150

You can send your credit card info in 2 emails or texts. Make sure to include the Expiration date, CVV code and Billing Zip  You can also VENMO me at

marguerite-bergin ( I am wearing a white jacket and blowing a kiss!!!) My last four digits of my cell is 0267. If you would like me to mail the certificate please supply the address.  You are also welcome to come pick up the certificate at my office.  I will leave them outside of my office door.  I will give you the code to the outside door the day you are coming to pick it/them up.  I will send you a receipt as soon as I get them billed and prepared.